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You will find on this blog a collection of my work mostly done in Google SketchUp and Rendered in either Vray for Sketchup, Hypershot, Vray Max, LightUp and Podium.

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Sunday 16 August 2009

Podium COntest

Sketchup Blog features my work here

Thursday 30 April 2009

My Interior renders

I love interiors. im using different rendering engines in sketchup to produce these.

final test

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Photo No.13_"the plaster sculpture"

just a shot of our plaster sculpture that we use in observational drawing of human forms.

From 100 faces of my art room series

Photo No.12_The Silicon worker

Another interesting viewpoint. Again this man is patching silicon to the glass roof that was installed in the art room extension. I was actually photographing different exposures of surounding buildings to try HDRI, when suddenly I saw this guy.

From 100 faces of my art room series

Photo No.11-The Levitation of spiderman

I love this picture. He is a worker installing our artroom door. He is using bith of his feet against the door walls while holding the jamb and installing it. Amazing how he balances himself.

From 100 faces of my art room series

Friday 6 March 2009

Nomeradona Photography

Photo No.10- "Kim Ngan"

Kim Ngan is a senior student and taking advance photography. In this photo, I purposely cropped the left side of her face to introduce continuity and gave the area were she is looking more room. Effects has been added in photoshop to create texture.

From 100 faces of my art room series

Photo No.9 - "Nic"

Nick is an advance photo student with a really nice camera. He, together with his father, are in magazine business. Nick often takes some shots for his father; therefore photography is not just in his classroom but rather in his part time job. I always enjoy working with Nick, because of his passion with this subject.

In this photo, I love the drama of the light and shadow in his face as well as the line created by the earphone on the leftside of the composition...

From 100 faces of my art room series

Photo No. 8 - "The drawing class"

From 100 faces of my art room series

Photo No.7

This is Quynh, a Vietnamese student in my homeroom. She is actually one of our studetn models posing for our digital photo class.

From 100 faces of my art room series

Thursday 5 March 2009

Photo No. 6

Photo No. 6 is up. "Genuine Laugh". One of my favorite shot so far in terms of showing genuine emotion. Here in this session, Vu Anh- a Vietnamese student" was giggling and laughing, because of his first time to be in the limelights of many cameras- in short camera shy but loves it.

From 100 faces of my art room series

Photo No.5

Here is my Photo No.5 entitled "Kristin" Kristin Ha is another digital photo student who loves art so much.

From 100 faces of my art room series

Photo No. 4

Here is my Photo No. 4. "Drawing". I am not actually sure who is this student, but the main thing here is capturing the actual action that is going on. I focussed the camera on the pencil using shallow fstop value (2.8), with maximum zoom of the camera.

Photo No.3

Here is my Photo No.3 "Kajol". She is a Grade 9 student from India. The tripod with camera is always in the middle of the class, while drawing students are doing their project. Here is a moment when I focussed before hand the camera to Kajol while doing her work. I called her and when she look at me, I click the shutter of the camera. "Voila".... this was really a candid shot.

From 100 faces of my art room series

Photo No. 2

Continuing the series "100 faces of my art room" here is my Photo no.2 "Erin". Erin is a digital photography student, the daughter of our pastor. I took this photo while our whole class are doing a lot of lighting and exposure test. Each student must pose like a model and the whole class will photograph each other. The location of this photography session was on out new art room extension.

From 100 faces of my art room series

100 Faces of My ART ROOM

I'm doing a photography series called "100 Face of my art room". This was originally a lesson I designed for my digital photography students. The title of the project was "100 Faces of....." It's up to the student what interest they want to fill on the blank area. Some of them responded like "100 Faces of Sick people", "100 Faces of my Family", 100 Faces of Vietnamese women" and so on and so forth. I love the lesson so much and I could see how much my student enjoy documenting and photojournaling those subjects of interest. Because of this, I decided to join them by doing what is easily accessible to me "Our Art Room". So here are some of the Photographs I have done so far.. Im still far away from reaching 100, nevertheless, I will continue in posting them here.

Photo No.1 "Smudge Technique"

This is Katelyn. She is a Grade 9 drawing student. I love the way she focus her eyes while using the tissue doing some smudge technique. Our lesson during this time was "value using graphite pencil'.

From 100 faces of my art room series

Bedroom Interior Rendering

Bedroom Interior Rendering