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Welcome to My Blogsite

You will find on this blog a collection of my work mostly done in Google SketchUp and Rendered in either Vray for Sketchup, Hypershot, Vray Max, LightUp and Podium.

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Sunday 29 April 2012

Modeling my Igorot Chair

Here is a quick workflow on how I modeled this chair.

Step 1: Basically I have this reference image. I traced the image using blocks.

For the hand, I used blocks, and used move tool and round edges tool using the simple chamfer tool.

Here is the one with projected texture
Then I mirror the finished model before using SDS tool with 2 iterations
Here is the finished top part

For the legs I used again a simple rectangular tool, I copied the one edge then subdivided it. then I moved/scaled each subdivision, afterwards I used SDS with 1 iteration.
For the circular part, I modeled it using an octagonal shape, applied round corner with only 1 side.
After chamfering both face, again I used SDS with 2 iterations.
I used sculpt tool to relax and displaced some edges.

Here is the model. For the leg behind, its almost similar with the front legs.
Finished Model

Correcting the bluish tint in Vray Sketchup using white balance

I want to share my workflow in correcting the bluish tint using the white balance in VFSU

1. Here is my render with VFSU. In this Render I purposely added more bluish background tint..

2. I saved the image and opened it in Photoshop. Using the sample eye dropper tool, I clicked the color. In the Color Picker tool the RGB can be read.

3. In VraySkerchup Camera tool, I entered the RGB values in the White Balance box. 

4. Here is the render with corrected white balance.

I increase the exposure in the render. Notice the bluish effect of the sun is lesser.

Friday 27 April 2012

Frederick Moro Design

Rendering FY Moro Design...

Click the image for larger resolution.

Bedroom Interior Rendering

Bedroom Interior Rendering