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You will find on this blog a collection of my work mostly done in Google SketchUp and Rendered in either Vray for Sketchup, Hypershot, Vray Max, LightUp and Podium.

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Saturday, 2 July 2011

SketchUp Styles

SketchUp is known for its Non Photo Realistic (NPR) rendering. Before the arrival of rendering scripts in the 3D market, ScketchUp paraded its unique way of visualization using Styles. In the minds of the @Last, the first developer of SketchUp before Google acquired it, they somewhat favored SketchUp with NPR output with the goal of producing quick 3D viz especially in the conceptual stage of design.  Google pushed this further by allowing the users to create their own styles using the "Style Builder".
Here are some of my favorite links to download different styles and if used them in combination with other you could create another visualization approach.

  •  you need to be member if you want to download them, at the same time you need to be patient in browsing because they were put together with other items like components and materials. But that is how to find the gem I guess.
  • arranged them in categories like top downloads and new styles. I actually like the way they catalogue them here.
  •  introduced the style with different twist, friendly and easy to see the effect of the particular style with a sample image, like the image below.
There are some more sites where you can download styles.  SU Podium has been develop its own group of styles that can be combined with the rendered image, which you can download here. Below is the night style created by podium.

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Bedroom Interior Rendering