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You will find on this blog a collection of my work mostly done in Google SketchUp and Rendered in either Vray for Sketchup, Hypershot, Vray Max, LightUp and Podium.

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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Tutorial: Modeling of a Pillow

Before I will go for a week of vacation, I think its nice to leave you with this tutorial of a pillow.

First of all, I want to introduce this Facebook page "SketchUp Texture" in which Rosanna Mataloni has put up. I am now working together with Rosanna on this page. So please visit us and download great textures, links and tutorials. I am using my textures that came directly from this page.

The texture of the pillow can be downloaded on an album called rectangular pillows  HERE

This tutorial is an intermediate to advanced SketchUp tutorial, so I expect you during this time that you know the tools and scripts I am using. 

Step 1. Load Texture, trace the outline using line tool. you dont have to be precised here.  

Step 2. Delete the outer face

Step 3. Use Push/pull tool to extrude the face (Be sure the texture is projected texture). TIP 1. It is better to have a rectangle face on one side as dummy and apply the sample texture here. If you jumbled your texture in organic modeling, you can always sample this face.

Step 4. Use Offset tool and offset the outline.

Step 5. Erase unwanted lines from the corner. you just need the middle face.

Step 6. Use autofold. (Move tool + Alt) move the face upward (You can repeat step 5 and 6 for more detailing.

Step 7. Before erasing the underneath face, you need to select the outline and copy it and place it on one side you can also copy the face. We will use this as tubular trim around the pillow. Now erase the underneath face before applying SAS plugin.

Step8. Use Subdivide and Smooth plugin and use Iteration 1 (The texture will be jumbled)

Step9. Reapply the texture using (right click mouse +Alt). TIP 2 - You can reapply the texture at once by right clicking and holding the Alt key at the same time.

Step 10. Use sculpt tools to relax, push and pool some faces, my brush settings below.

Step 10: Here is my sculpted model. (Create a component)

Step 11. Once the component was created, copy this and mirror it using scale tool.

Step 12. Before I made a component, I copied the underneath side of my model, Create a face and use Subdivide and Smooth with 1 iteration. Use line to cylinder to create the tube. Move this created tube in between the two components.

Step13. Explode the whole model. Select some areas and move a bit these areas using scale tool. This way you can vary the pillow further.

Step 14. Finally, smooth again Smooth and Subdivide with 1 iteration. This will be your final model. Re-apply again the texture using Step 9.

Step15. Correcting the texture. You will see that there are some flaws on the texture, the white outline of the texture model is showing.

Step 16. Edit the image using Photoshop. Under Edit tab, look at the icon "box with orange arrow". Click this to edit your texture in Photoshop. TIP 3. To automatically open Photoshop as your post processing. Go to "Preference/ Application/ the choose the Photoshop.exe to load here)

Step17. Use patch tool, clone stamp tool to reapply some texture to the white areas. I will do a separate tutorial with this one.

Here is my completed texture. Exit and save the image. This image will be saved in the TEMP folder.

You will see that those white stuff were gone.

Here is the rendered image.


  1. this is so nice of u sir nomer.the tutorial before..correcting jumbled up texture on pillow helped me i can model pillow of my own..thanks alot once again

  2. _Step9. Reapply the texture using (right click mouse +Alt). TIP 2 - You can reapply the texture at once by right clicking and holding the Alt key at the same time. _
    Sir Nomer, I did the step 9. But I don't get the correct texture as yours. Right click + Holding the Alt key nothing happen to me.


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